Year 12 HSC FLEXE Class

HSC Mathematics Preparation Course

Mathematics – English – Chemistry

This FLEX Class is the combination between all chapters in Advanced/ Extension Mathematics and English (EALD/Standard/Advanced) and Chemistry which provides consolidation of the key content and skills from specific topics in the HSC Course. Study skills and examination techniques will also be emphasised.

Starting period: Now to 8.10.2023

Timetable: Flexible on our students’s and our private tutor’s availabilities 

What you get:

+ Private 1-1 tutorial classes for full period

+ Practice Trial/HSC -Style Questions Booklets

+ Digital notes and detailed explanation

+ Free consultations (extra supports)

+ Access to dozens of trial practice papers


Intended audience

Year 12 students or accelerated Year 11 students who have already completed the previous topics.

Course evaluation

This course will be evaluated via an email on-line student questionnaire delivered in class.

How does Trial/HSC look like?

– While you progress through this journey and also the conclusion of your schooling life, we know you’ll have a lot on your mind – exams, future study, careers – but remember, while keeping focused on these bigger goals and aspirations, it’s also important not to forget your own health and well-being.

– To imagine how the trial/hsc examination period look like, you can review it via the link “how does the trial/hsc examination look like?” 

– For tips on staying motivated and keeping focused, dealing with anxiety, keeping healthy, relaxation, pre-study exercise and more, read our article Make Stress Your Friends. 

Class schedule

Limited Spots

Pricing $150 per 2-hour-lessons


5% OFF from two subjects enrolled

Extra 5% OFF for constant weekly booking

Extra 5% OFF for REFERRAL (Year 12 students)

Max 15% OFF (Conditions applied!)