Online Exam Day Tips

For many HSC students sitting an exam online will be a new experience in your life. How do you make sure it’s productive and stress is minimal?

Getting ready

        – Finish your revision before the exam. Complete your revision before the one-day exam

        – Start your day relaxed. Allow plenty of time to get yourself ready to start your exam on time.

        – Eat something. Enjoy a healthy meal before your exam. Anything with protein and complex carbohydrates, such as an egg on toast or muesli, will give you the energy you need to get through your exam. Keep some healthy snacks at hand to maintain your energy levels.

        – Communicate positively. Avoid reading about other students’ worries on social media as this may reduce your confidence. Keep the focus of conversations on something neutral or positive, like on what you are all looking forward to doing after the exam.

        –  Dress for success. Though it can be tempting to complete your online exams in your pyjamas, you will feel more focused if you dress in comfortable clothing that you would usually wear to class.