Make Stress Your Friend

Stress might not always be the enemy

Nowadays, many students are suffering from stress. There are many factors in our students’ lives that can cause stress. Things like study deadlines, challenged assignments, future careers, and family conflicts…..can cause stress. Stress is a natural reaction and it’s very common things for young teenagers to feel stressed from time to time. However, not lots of people know how to cope with stress which can cause negative psychology. Stress can become a problem when these pressures become overwhelming, and in some cases, can be a precursor to anxiety disorders and depression.

Stress: way to manage and reduce it
Fortunately, stress is very manageable, and a little stress can even help you perform better. Stress can enhance motivation and our students will succeed if they are able to deal with it.

Here are some tips:

  • Acknowledge your stress by checking your mind.
  • Work out what’s causing the stress
  • Work out how to handle stressful things
  • FEED the positive thought to your mind
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle (eat good food, sleep well, be physically active and avoid alcohol or drugs)

If you feel too stressed, you should start to SEEK the assistance from friends, parents, or counselors if necessary.

Stress benefits

Stress can build resilience and encourage growth

Even though stress can feel overwhelming, it also forces people to problem-solve, ultimately building confidence and skills that are important for future experiences. Thus, we can say that stress enhances motivation.

Stress is part of a meaningful life
A life without stress isn’t necessarily better. Take, for example, a student in graduate school. The application process is competitive, the coursework can be challenging and after graduation, transitioning from an academic setting to a business one can be a learning process.
“If we wipe out the stress, we’d also likely wipe away a lot of the meaning in our lives.”

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