Will HSC Students receive extra EAS points for their final mark?

Due to the hard lockdown applied in NSW this term, many HSC students are struggling with the new method “online exam” or ” open-book exam” which is believed that negatively impacted students’ mental health and their loss of confidence when these types of exams never happen into their lives before.

During these tough times, some schools were letting their students go back to school for Trial Exams but some schools in LGAs did not let them be back. The consequences of this difference in this exam method are many unfair marks be sent to NESA this year.

More than 80 per cents of Year 12 students are expecting some special considerations or the disadvantage bonus marks for their final mark and they do not know how NESA will make things fairer for all disadvantaged students this year.

However, one important thing they had forgotten is NESA will count the whole Year 12 academic performance which will work the same for the extra EAS points given from every university.
If you are eligible for EAS Assessment from UAC, you will receive EAS points to their Selection Rank and you compete with all other applications for a place in the course. In addition, if all Year 12 students this year will not perform well in their final HSC exams, the lowest selection Rank from every university will be lower than the previous year.

***The allocation of EAS points does not guarantee entry to university or to your preferred course – you must meet the Lowest Selection Rank for the course you are applying to. UAC will send you an Eligibility letter to advise of your eligibility for EAS consideration at all UAC participating institutions.***

Why don’t you try as best as you can? Keep doing well, not only study hard but also keep your mind be healthy.

We wish you the best of luck with your Trial and HSC Exams !!