EOT- End of Term Examination Period

EOT Exam…. Is it important?

EOT Exam Period is our traditional event hosted by Ezzi Learning during week 8 or week 9 of the term. Every student studying at Ezzi Learning are compulsory to do the exam. We do receive some feedback and the common question we got from our parents is

“Why do my children need to do the exams since school has already given it to them??? “

Here is our answer.

The assessment Handbook from NESA instructions:

Primary Level 
Naplan Exam Year 3 & 5 (compulsory)
OC Exam Year 4 (if requested)
Selective Placement Exam Year 5 (if requested)
Secondary Level
Year 7 – 12 Max four assessment tasks per year
Year 7, 9, 11 Naplan Exam
Year 12 HSC Exam

So it means that your child won’t be given enough chance to understand where they get lost or are stuck until it was late.

Our purpose in sending EOT is to give your children more experiences with school-style questions and high-level placement exams such as Naplan exams, opportunity class exams, selective exams, and HSC exams.

Don’t think it is not important until it is too late. Each placement exam we create every term is different in style from standard level to advanced level.

Sample of our EOT for Year 6/7 Maths Open PDF

Subjects are available:
✅ Mathematics
✅ English
All years are available:
✅ Primary Level: Year 1 – Year 6
✅ Secondary Level: Year 7 – 10
✅ HSC/Preliminary Level: Year 11- Year 12