Term 3, 2022 Newsletter

Ezzi Learning proudly announces the commencement of English, Maths and Science Course in Term 3.

As the new term approaches, it’s time to think about developing what you are learning. Ezzi Learning believes it is important to expose you to topics in advance to ensure you stay one term ahead of school.

We provide detailed material and comprehensive feedback to facilitate preparation and skills in all areas of your education. This will help to build your confidence as you prepare for your school exams. During primary or high school, students become more vulnerable to ineffective study habits in the absence of continued guidance and coaching.

Our years of successful results clearly indicate that Ezzi Learning has the best academic formula to help your child overcome these issues.


Ezzi Learning Key Date for Term 3, 2022

Ezzi Learning Key Dates
July 18 – Sep 25 Term 3 begins
July 18 – 31 Trial Preparation Courses running
Aug 8 – Sep 4 Preliminary Preparation Courses running
Sep 5 – 11 Term 3 EOT Exam Periods
Sep 26, 9pm Term 4 Early Bird discount offer ends
Sep 26 – Oct 09 Holiday Courses begins
Oct 12 – 26 Centre closed for maintenance

 Ezzi Learning’s Subjects Term 3

Primary Level Secondary Level Year 11 Year 12
English English English EALD/Standard/Advanced English EALD/Standard/Advanced
Maths Maths Chemistry – Biology Chemistry – Biology
OC/Selective Science Mathematics

Standard / Advanced / Extension



Beginner – Intermediate Art   Business Studies Business Studies

 Course Outlines

PRIMARY level: Mathematics SECONDARY level: Mathematics
Number and Algebra

·         Whole Number

·         Pattern

·         Rate – Ratio – Fraction and Problem Solving

·         Decimal Number and Problem solving with decimal

Number and Algebra

·         Algebraic Equations

·         Percentages

·         Indices

·         Equations

Financial Mathematics Financial Mathematics
Measurement and Geometry

·         Length – Area-Volume and Capacity

·         Mass

·         Time Measurement

Measurement and Geometry 

·         Time and Measurement

·         Three-Dimensional Space

·         Volume and Capacity

Statistics and Probability

·         Chance

·         Percentage and Probability

Statistics and Probability

·         Chance

·         Percentage and Probabiity


PRELIMINARY level: Mathematics Standard PRELIMINARY level: Mathematics Adv + Extension
Formulae and Equations

·         Linear Equations

·         Exponential Equations

·         Hyperbolas Equations


·         Rules of Differentiation

·         Application of Calculus


Money Matters

Simple Interest Formula

Compound Interest Formula

Loans and Credit Cards

Further Functions

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Growth and Decay Rate of Change

Relative Frequency and Probability Statistics and Probability

·         Tree Diagram

·         Venn Diagram

·         Two-way Table

·         Independent Events



**Note: All HSC Courses will be running for Trial Preparation Courses for 2 weeks. Check the office for more details.

Our Learning Systems

Face to Face or Online Tutorial Classroom

  • Primary 1.5 hours per subject
  • Secondary 1.5 hours per subject
  • Preliminary + HSC 2-3 hours session per subject
  • Tutorial Classroom

During the 1:1 tutoring, your child will be assigned to one of our experienced and knowledgeable tutors who will help enhance their skills in critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Tutors will also be available to assist in tasks including but not limited to:
  • Clarifying unclear and confusing concepts taught in class
  • Detailed working out on classwork, homeworks or quiz questions that your child finds challenging.
  • Essential study and exam strategies
  • Critical feedback and guidance on areas that need improvement

** Booking request (minimum 1 hours for primary and 1.5 hour for higher levels)