Year 9

Ezzi Learning helps you raise your assessment marks and ranks at school & improve your exam results over Mathematics, English and Sciences.


We believe in putting our students first, providing customised strategies on MA4-5NA, MA5.2-16SP, MALS-27MG (Mathematics, Stage 4 – Outcome 5, Number and Algebra | Mathematics, Stage 5.2 – Outcome 16, Statistics and Probability | Mathematics, Life Skills – Outcome 27, Measurement and Geometry).


In English, students develop their knowledge, understanding and skills so that they can use language and communicate appropriately, effectively and accurately for a range of purposes and audiences, in a range of contexts. They learn to think in ways that are imaginative, interpretive and critical. In addition, they will gain the precise skills in writing, reading, listening, speaking, viewing and representing.


In Science, we aim to strengthen a variety of Scientific academic skills by allowing them to summarise data from students’ own investigations and secondary sources while they are also able to use a range of range of representations to organise data, including graphs, keys, models, diagrams, tables and spreadsheets. They also describe examples to show where advances in science and/ or emerging science and technologies significantly affect people’s lives, including generating new career opportunities in areas of chemical science such as biochemistry and industrial chemistry.