OC/ Selective Preparation Exam

OC/Selective Preparation Classes are suitable for Year 3-5 students who are wishing to attend the Opportunity Class Placement Exam and Selective Placement Exam. This course is combined with the OC/Selective Practice Exam which is intended to deliver the students more support and create our student’s real exam-life. We not only provide your child’s academic sides for OC/Selective Stream, but we also build their accelerated-level knowledge to help them gain the best grades or ranking in their school.

For OC/Selective Classes, we are clarifying into different levels.
            ???? Level 1: Year 3/4 Students (Early Entry)
            ???? Level 2: Year 4/5 Students

Each term, your child is taught by our selective practice questions which are based on the following topics:
  • Measurement
  • Statistics (Probability)
  • Ratio – Percentages
  • Time Measurement
  • Number and Algebra
  • BODMAS Problem Solving